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The Best Travel Camera Deals

Whether you’re taking your first few shots or preparing to capture your 100th jaw-dropping sunset, Manchester Airport has the best travel cameras at high-street beating prices.

We can even lend a hand if you’re not sure about which camera is right for you, with our fun and factual guides further down the page. If you already know what you need to complete your kit, you can start shopping right now by clicking the link below.

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Introducing the GoPro Hero8 Black and GoPro Max

The next range of GoPro products has landed. Two brand-new models that build upon the brand's proud lineage with a suite of incredible features. 

If you want a robust camera that can handle bumps, scrapes and just about anything that nature can throw at it, you want a GoPro. With performance that puts the best phone cameras to shame and durability that DSLRs only dream of, the GoPro is the best of both worlds.

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The Best Action Cameras

Perfect for: Fast-paced action, extreme sports & road trips.

Action cameras are robust, versatile and easy to use. They are compatible with a wide range of accessories and deliver jaw-dropping 4K video from impossible angles – a combination that makes them the ideal travelling companions. If you’re trying an extreme sport, road-tripping cross-country, travelling with animals or combining all three by touring the skateparks of Sicily with your faithful Schnauzer, the unique ability of the action camera to mount to almost anything (including skating dogs) will give your footage a unique perspective

The key to buying an action camera for your travels is attention to detail. Most action cameras offer similar functionality, so you need to look for the details that help a model stand out from the pack. A lengthy battery life, waterproofing, crystal-clear resolution and a sky-high frame rate are all key for a great purchase. Ensure that the model you’re buying also has compatible mounts for all your needs and you’re sure to take home the best travel camera.

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The Best DSLR Cameras

Perfect for: Sweeping landscapes, breath-taking nature shots & perfect portraits.

DSLR cameras are flexible, technical and highly customisable. Best described as an evolved form of the classic ‘film & lens’ cameras, DSLRs are the perfect choice for budding photographers ready to fully immerse themselves in their art. With larger sensors than you’ll find in your mobile phone, a wide range of compatible lenses and unbeatable focus speed, DSLRs guarantee that the work you put into researching and crafting your shots will pay off every time. They make ideal travel cameras and the perfect partner for photographers looking to get a little more from their shots

When choosing between the DSLR cameras on the market it’s important to consider what lenses and peripherals you’ll need. For beginners, look for DSLR cameras with easy-to-master-controls and a good all-rounder lens. Most entry-level DSLRs will come with a zoom lens which will work for most of the photographs you want to take while you’re learning how to use your new travel camera. When you’re ready to experiment, you’ll be able to easily upgrade your camera as even entry-level DSLRs have a wide range of lenses available. For more advanced photographers, look for DSLR cameras with features like weatherproofing, dual memory card slots and easily-accessible manual controls.

If you need the power of a DSLR but want to travel light, look at the latest ranges of mirrorless cameras for the best of both worlds.

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The Best Vlogging Cameras

Perfect for: Home movies, family memories & travel vlogs.

Vlogging cameras are smart, adaptable and lightweight. While your mind might jump to the camcorders of the nineties, many digital cameras now offer incredible recording capabilities, perfect for creating travel vlogs, home videos and more. Some travellers don’t think they need a vlogging camera as their phones can take 4K video, but often this is at the cost of a low frame rate or an easily filled memory. Vlogging cameras have neither of these restrictions and boast a larger sensor which creates clearer, better-defined shots that are sure to make your videos unmissable

When choosing a vlogging camera, it’s important to ensure you have both community and peripheral support for your model. Many of the best vlogging cameras on the market have a large community willing to offer plenty of tips to ensure you get incredible results. Video photography and film-making peripherals can be more difficult to find than regular photography accessories so be sure to check that your chosen brand has everything you need before you buy. Be aware that you can afford to be picky, as many of the best travel cameras are also suitable for filmmaking.

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The Best Instant Cameras

Perfect for: Fun with friends, treasured keepsakes or arts & crafts.

Instant cameras are retro, fun and super-easy to use. They’ve become a must-have for teens in recent years and are taking the world of photography by storm. There’s a special bit of magic found in watching as your print comes out and then begins to morph into the image you just captured. Instant cameras return photography to an art instead of science, removing the need to worry about memory cards or digitally altering your pictures. All of this makes them ideal for those who are making a start in the world of photography

It’s just as important to consider fashion as it is function when buying an instant camera. It’s super-easy to choose a model that matches your look as many instant camera ranges come in a variety of colours and styles. If you’re still struggling to choose between the various camera models, consider the size of the prints and whether the models support Bluetooth control – which allows you to start shooting from your phone for group shots.

Be sure to research which refills your camera takes, as some can be difficult to find or costly. Ensure that the camera you’re buying comes with plenty of blank sheets to help you start snapping as well. Ideally, we’d recommend that you pick up a couple of refill packs with the camera to ensure you don’t run low at the wrong moment.

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The Best Camera Accessories

The best travel camera is only as good as its accessories. Every shot you’re planning on your next globetrotting adventure will require different straps, tripods, lenses and more – not to mention that each climate presents a unique range of challenges requiring even more equipment. Don’t worry though, at Manchester Airport we’ve got you covered with a wide range of useful accessories for thousands of cameras

The key to buying the right accessories is planning, break your trip down into photo opportunities and ensure you have everything you need to get the ultimate shot in each. If you’re struggling, try to ensure you have a few lenses to cover most of the shots you’ll make and one or two specialist lenses for a few unique pictures as well as a sturdy strap and a variable tripod. With a fully stocked kit, you can turn almost any camera into the best travel camera for you.

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The Best Travel Cameras FAQs

How Can I Take Better Action Shots?

With the right camera and preparation, action shots are a doddle. The most important thing is to make sure you have a camera with a high shutter speed, fast continuous shooting mode and a shutter priority mode – all of which can be found on most modern action cameras and DSLRs. It’s also crucial that you plan your shot, work out where the action will be happening and roughly where the focal point will be

Once you’re set up with your action camera, work out where you’ll take your action shot from, if you’re snapping a picture of something likely to cause vibration, ensure you are somewhere that you can brace yourself and the camera. Set your shutter speed to above 1/200 if you are indoors or in low light, and to above 1/1000 if you are outdoors or in a lot of available light then use your camera’s shutter priority mode (which will react to your shutter speed setting to ensure every other setting is correct). Finally, wait for the moment just before the action is about to reach its peak and start snapping in continuous shooting mode, then review your pictures and find the best one.

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Why Should I Buy A DSLR Camera?

With phone cameras and cheap ‘point and shoot’ cameras advancing, it can seem hard to justify a DSLR camera. However, DSLR cameras are constantly improving and have begun to offer a wealth of benefits to surpass their competitor devices

DSLRs offer a better image quality, thanks to the size of their sensor, incredible sensitivity to light and their ability to use different lenses. Plus, their improved shutter and focus speed makes them better for action shots while their flexible controls allow you to stretch your legs creatively, constantly adjusting for the ultimate shot. DSLRs are a better investment too, as they have a history of holding their value for many years after their initial purchase.

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Which Cameras Are Best For Creating Sharable Videos?

Cameras are often sold on their ability to take still shots, so it’s difficult to find which ones are going to take the best videos. A good rule of thumb is that a high-end camera will always produce incredible results but there are a few key areas to consider while hunting for the ideal model

The main thing you want to look for is a camera offering a high frame rate - a 60fps frame rate with 4k is ideal. Past that, you should try to find special features that are going to help you as you’re filming – whether it’s Sony’s eye AF which keeps the camera focused on any faces in the shot or Panasonic’s V-log L mode for dynamic and shareable videos. If you’re still struggling, consider the design of the camera, if you’re going to be using it out and about it might be worth investing in a lighter or more compact model.

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Where Do I Start With Camera Accessories?

Once you’ve bought your dream camera you must decide which accessories you need and which can wait. The first thing you need to do is protect your investment - camera bags, straps and cases should be bought alongside the camera. While some high-end protection can carry a hefty price tag, this is where budding photographers should concentrate their spending before investing in more niche supplies

Next, you should begin building a stock of accessories for your everyday shots, a few variable lenses, a sturdy tripod and a UV protection filter. Finally, round out your kit with useful accessories for more unique tasks, consider specific lenses, an extra battery and any lighting or flash equipment you need. The more research you can do for each purchase the better as you can slowly build a kit that’s customised to you and your needs.

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Getting The Best Travel Camera Deal

Finding the best deals for travel cameras isn’t easy, so to take all the stress out of it we’ve split our best travel cameras into three easy categories for you to pick from.

Simply find the category that’s right for you and we’ll take you to a tailor-made collection of products perfect for you and your next holiday.

Action Cameras

Action Cameras

Scaling monolithic cliff faces? Bobsledding for the first time? Swimming through the Great Barrier Reef? If you want to capture these incredible moments and more action cameras are the perfect travelling companion, packed full of features to keep up with you, no matter what you’re doing.

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DSLR Cameras

DSLR Cameras

If you’re looking to take your photography kit to the next level, there’s only one type of camera to consider – DSLRs. Jam-packed full of features to give you complete control and supported by a range of peripherals that will help you get the best shot every time, these are the ultimate travel cameras.

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Vlogging Cameras

Vlogging Cameras

Ensure your home videos are unmissable with our range of brilliant vlogging cameras. These incredible cameras are perfect for capturing memories with their crisp 4K resolution and breath-taking 60fps framerate.

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