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Get this gorgeously golden, honey-inspired look, exclusively showcased by CharmieJanee using Urban Decay products, including the brand new Honey palette.

Step 1

Start with a layer of the Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion across the eyelids to help give a long lasting base for your eyeshadow look. Use shade ‘Swarm’ as a transition shade, working it from the outside of the lid towards the inside.

Step 2

Pat on shade ‘Keeper’ to the crease to give more depth and then blend it up into the transition shade.

Step 3

Use ‘Sting’ to deepen the crease, apply to the outer edges of the eye and work into the crease. Blend it out into the transition shade using a small blending brush.

Step 4

Spray your eyeshadow brush with Urban Decay Quick Fix spray and use it to apply ‘Amber’ to the centre of the eyelid, bringing it up slightly into the transition shade. Spray your eyeshadow brush again with Quick Fix spray and pat in the shade ‘Honey’ to the inner eye, bringing it into the inner corner.

Step 5

Use the shades ‘Drip’ and ‘Sting’ to smoke out the lower lash line, finishing the look with lashings of Perversion mascara in black and a light layer of Vice lipstick in Naked for a nude lip.