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Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions about shopping at Manchester Airport

Where do I pick my order up?

Your order will be awaiting collection in the store you reserved from World Duty Free after security.

At the airport - after selecting any additional products you may wish to purchase in store, simply locate the Click & Collect pick up point, or find a sales assistant who will help.

When do I pay for the items?

You don't need to pay for your items until you reach the airport and collect your order. So if your travel plans change you don't need to worry about requesting a refund.

What is your returns policy?

We want you to be 100% satisfied with any purchase you make with us, but we know that sometimes you may change your mind or that things can go wrong.

If you buy from World Duty Free, you have the opportunity to return your items from anywhere in the world as part of their unique Returns Offer.

Do I need to take my goods with me?

If you are travelling within the EU or UK you do not need to take your pre-order purchases with you as you can make use of our Collect on Return service.

When you pay for your items, including any you have pre-ordered via this website, simply tell the sales assistant serving you that you would like to use the Collect on Return service, they will help you complete the necessary paperwork (which include your return flight details) and you can leave your items behind, where they will be kept safe and secure ready for you to collect when you return to your departure airport.

If you are flying to a non-EU destination sadly due to customs policy you are unable to make use of this service as your items must be exported with you. On the bright side though, as a non-EU passenger you can make use of your duty free allowance including a wider range of great value spirits, plus cigarettes and tobacco.

What about home delivery?

Unfortunately World Duty Free do not offer home delivery.

Can I place an order for someone else to pick up?

Yes, no problem. Start by completing the correct flight departure information of the person who is travelling, then as you start to add items to your basket use your personal details.

Remember, as payment is taken in-store your nominated traveller will be required to pay for the reserved items on collection.

Hasn’t duty free been abolished?

No, not for everyone. Back in 1999 intra-EU duty free purchases were withdrawn, this meant that passengers travelling within the EU could no longer take advantage of duty free prices. However, duty free does still exist for all passengers flying outside the European Union.

The good news for those travelling within the EU & UK, there are many products still available to purchase including an extensive range of spirits, wine, champagne, fragrance, skincare and confectionery – in fact everything is available to purchase with the exception of cigarettes, tobacco and select range of spirits designated as ‘duty free’ for those passengers flying outside the EU. Additionally, unlike duty free purchases, there are no allowance restrictions on the amount that can be purchased for personal use.