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Product Information

French craft. Swiss Made.
Designed in Paris, Activité is manufactured with great care in Switzerland using exclusive watch materials and bears the precious Swiss Made label.

High-end Swiss dials
Manufactured in Locle, within the Swiss watchmaker’s valley, the dials come in 2 colours: a sleek black pattern with an orange accent and a glistening white face with a blue accent. Both dials feature a pair of glittering hands.

An unalterable watch case
Protected by a scratch-proof domed sapphire glass, the 5 ATM water-resistant case is made from a stainless 316L alloy steel resilient to time and corrosion.

A fine calf leather strap
The stitched strap with straight cut waxed sides is made in a black or tawny Barenia leather from Haas Tanneries, the supplier of the finest French Haute Couture houses. Its soft grain and high quality promise that Activité will age beautify

Get on the right track
Withings Activité is a unique tool to inspire and empower a healthy lifestyle.

Make every move count
Activité fuels your healthy motivation by tracking all your movements, keeping you informed at all times and supporting your efforts - until you reach your goal.

Get the rest you deserve
Activité watches over your sleep patterns to provide comprehensive monitoring

Optimize your sleep
Whatever you wear to bed, accessorize with Activité. In the morning you will have a detailed picture of your night. Activité can also wake you up with a silent vibration alarm.

Stop counting laps
Withings Activité is able to identify and log your swimming workout.

No need to charge it, no cable, no dock
Activité works on a CR2025 button cell providing a battery life that exceeds 8 months. When the time does come to replace the battery, simply use the provided tool.

Automatic time zone changes
Activité is connected to your smartphone and automatically displays the correct time. Should you fly coast to coast or abroad, the watch will instantly adjust to the corresponding time zone.