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Discover the latest in computing at Dixons Travel with a range of powerful laptops optimised for work and play, sleek-designed tablets to access everything you need on the move and eReaders perfect for storing your favourite reads. Shop products from Apple, including Mac and iPad, new Windows 10 devices from Microsoft, Android tablets from the best brands.

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Space Grey, 512GB
Gold, 512GB
21.5" 1TB
27" 1TB
Intel Core i5-6300U Processor 8GB RAM 256GB SSD
Space Grey, 256GB
Gold, 256GB
Rose Gold, 256GB
15-inch, 256GB
13-inch, 128GB
Intel Core i7-6600U Processor 8GB RAM 256GB SSD
Ash Silver with £100 Cash Back Offer
4GB Ram
Black 2TB