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7 Reasons To Buy Tech During An Airport Shopping Trip

At Manchester Airport shopping for new tech is simple.

Guests at our airport tend to have a lot on their mind – we can’t blame you, we know how much there is to keep track of when you’re getting ready for the holiday of a lifetime – but we also want to ensure that our guests don’t miss out on our great tech and duty-free deals, so at Manchester Airport we try to go the extra mile to make airport shopping quick and easy. We deliver high-street beating prices by working closely with trusted brands like Dixons Travel and Biza Tax & Duty Free.

Want a little proof? Here are 7 reasons to Buy Tech During An Airport Shopping Trip:


1)  Top Tips From The Best In The Business


There’s so much tech on the market right now that it feels like everyone has to spend hours researching each new purchase. While that might be okay for some, we know that not everyone has time for that, especially when they are getting ready for a big trip. To save you time and effort, we’ve teamed up with Dixons Travel to deliver outstanding customer advice filled with our wealth of retail experience and tech knowledge. As you do your airport shopping, you’ll be able to quickly find the facts you need to make an informed purchase without being bombarded with useless information.


2)  Whatever Price You Find, We’ll Beat It!


Finding the perfect tech deal is difficult, whether you’re hitting the streets or browsing the web. Luckily, Manchester Airport offers exclusive deals unavailable anywhere else thanks to our unique position as an international travel hub. We can also match the best deals on the high-street through Dixons Travel’s ‘double the difference’ price guarantee*.

*Terms and conditions apply.


3)  Getting Your Tech On Time


Even armed with the best research, we’ve all experienced the nightmare scenario of a brand-new bit of tech failing to come in time. At Manchester Airport we know it’s even worse when you need something for your travels and it doesn’t turn up. However, when you order through our online store, using our innovative click and collect service, you can be sure that your new purchase will be waiting for you to come and pick it up in the terminal along with your other airport shopping.


4)  Avoid Costly Baggage Charges


Some customers worry about buying tech at the airport due to excess baggage charges, however, any airport shopping done once you’ve passed through security isn’t included within your weight allowance. Every airline flying from Manchester Airport allows you to take one bag of airport shopping on board alongside your hand luggage – so you’ll always have space to snap up our exclusive deals.


5)  Leave Your Airport Shopping With Us While You’re Away


We understand that you might not always want to take your shopping abroad with you – after all, scuba diving in the Mediterranean is much harder when you’re weighed down by a brand-new laptop. To help you reach your aquatic goals (or even just your ‘chilling at the beach’ goals), we offer a collect on return service where you can pick up your shopping at the airport after your return flight. All you need to do is pay for your new purchase then speak to a staff member and inquire about collect on return – they’ll do the rest.


6)  A Massive Range To Choose From!


Guests sometimes think that an airport can’t offer the range found in many high street stores. There’s only so much space in the terminal, right? Wrong. With our fantastic click and collect service, Manchester Airport offers a larger range than most high street stores and websites – all you need to do is reserve your products and we’ll ensure they’re delivered directly to the terminal for you to collect on your way through.


7)  Worry-free Returns (We Promise)


Thanks to our trading partners across the UK, returning your tech is easier than ever. If your brand-new mobile just isn’t the right colour for your post-holiday mood, all you have to do is simply present your receipt and ask for a return at your closest Currys or PC World, – and hopefully, they’ll even help you find a mobile that suits the ‘new you’.


Treat yourself to guilt-free airport shopping with our brilliant range of cutting-edge tech and unbeatable deals.