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The Ultimate Travel Headphones Guide

Thousands of people shop for travel headphones every day at Manchester Airport and we want to help them make the right choice for themselves, their families and even their destinations!

To help you find the best travel headphones, we’ve got together with some of the most experienced tech experts in the business to create the ultimate travel headphones guide.

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Bose Noise-Cancelling Headphones 700

When it comes to truly ground-breaking travel headphones tech, you can’t get more cutting edge than the Bose Noise-Cancelling Headphones 700.

With industry-leading Bose AR technology, an adaptive mic system and 11 levels of noise-cancellation, this pair is guaranteed to deliver pitch-perfect sound whether you’re on the plane, at the beach or braving the city streets.

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Which are the best travel headphones for you?

Urban Trailblazers

Always discovering the latest fashions? Would rather a shopping spree than a country retreat? Can't resist the call of the urban wilds? You might be an Urban Trailblazer. The ultimate city slicker, concerned with fashion and sleek design choices, the Urban Trailblazer’s natural habitat is the cosmopolitan streets of New York or the romantic canals of Paris. Whether you’re exploring the sun-bleached streets of the Mediterranean or the city sprawls of America, we know that you need the best travel headphones that are tough enough to keep up with you while also stylish enough to ensure you’ll always leave your mark.

We want to make sure you’re turning heads all summer long with the latest in tech and fashion so we’ve picked out a range of elite headsets that boast the best of both worlds. Look out for top-named brands and exciting features including true wireless, bone conduction and noise-cancelling technology so powerful that you’ll be able to lose yourself in the music even standing in the middle of Time Square!

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Adventurous Explorer

Ready to push yourself to beyond your limits? Looking for intense action? Obsessed with your personal best? You might be an Adventurous Explorer. Whether they’re scaling a cliff-face, gliding over the snowy slopes or heading out for a run around a picturesque lake - Adventurous Explorers can’t stand still. They need a pair of headphones that can endure anything and never runs out of power – like them. At Manchester Airport, we love Adventurous Explorers. Holidays are a great time to push yourself further, so we want to make sure that you have the tech you need to reach your full potential - especially if you’re heading out on an adventure with plenty of cycling, swimming and rock climbing.

If you’re planning to lift to your ultimate workout playlist, push your body further or take in your new surroundings with a little acoustic guitar, we’d like to help you get the most from your travels by finding you the best travel headphones with the right features and sound quality for fitness, travel and music fans alike.

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Family Globetrotters

In need of some peace and quiet? Always got an eye on the little ones? Looking for a little family time on holiday? You might be a Family Globetrotter. No matter where they are in the world, Family Globetrotters are all about spending time with those that mean the most to them. They want their days to be filled with laughter and love, without too much technology getting in the way. Family Globetrotters also understand the need for balance and alone time – they want to make sure their loved ones can curl up with their favourite music, film or game when they need a little time to themselves.

At Manchester Airport we know that Family Globetrotters are some of the busiest travellers coming through our airport. Keeping track of kids is tough at the best of times and when they’re excited, cooped up in the terminal and away from their day-to-day routine – our hearts go out to you. We want you and the kids to have the smoothest possible journey through the airport and beyond so we’ve put together a couple of helpful ranges for you to look at.

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Why Buy Travel Headphones At The Airport?

We make tech shopping simple at Manchester Airport so you can pick up your goods and focus on your journey. By breaking down every stage of the customer journey, we’ve created the ultimate tech shopping experience that rivals both the high street and online stores with great savings and world-class service. If you want to find out more, you can read our guide to tech shopping at the airport.

To ensure you have everything you need to make an informed choice, we pull together tips from the best in the business. We then get the best price for you by offering Dixons Travel’s ‘double the difference’ guarantee (terms and conditions apply).

We also offer Click & Collect and Collect On Return services so you can choose exactly when and where you want to receive your brand-new travel headphones. Finally, if you decide that the pair you’ve bought aren’t for you, we’ve even made returns easy – thanks to our partnerships with high street retailers.

Find out more with our 7 Reasons To Buy Tech During An Airport Shopping Trip

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The Ultimate Travel Headphones Categories

We’ve split our incredible range of cutting-edge travel headphones into six categories for you to choose from. Each category has been chosen by our tech experts to showcase the very best travel headphones.

Choosing between our six categories is the perfect way to start your search for new travel headphones without getting bogged down in boring research – because our experts have already done all that for you.

Below are the profiles for each category, pick which one is right for you then click on the link to browse a tailored range of travel headphones with features perfect for you and your destination.


We’ve put together some of our top picks to help you navigate the ever-growing range of active and passive noise-cancelling features. Our fantastic range of noise-cancelling headphones are ideal for those in search of peace and tranquillity.

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To help you make the right choices, we’ve curated a selection of the best waterproof headphones for you to browse. Waterproofing has become better and better throughout the last few years and is now a feature found in many headphones on the market.

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True wireless headphones cut out everything but you and the music. With only two wireless earbud units they offer complete freedom of movement. This means true wireless headphones help you avoid sweating or overheating - ideal for holidaymakers.

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If you want to turn heads as you walk down the plane, make sure you know what your headphones are saying about you. The brand and design of your headphones have become the latest way to make a fashion statement, everything from Beats to Apple AirPods send out their own message to get everyone talking about you.

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We want to help you reach your full potential and get the most from your workout by finding you the right headphones with the best features for fitness buffs. Everyone knows working out is easier with a soundtrack, whether you’re pushing your body to the limit with the ultimate running playlist or pumping iron to slick hip hop beats.

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Keep the kids protected while they’re playing games or streaming movies with these incredible headphones. No matter what tech you’re buying, keeping the little ones safe and happy is so important and, due to the delicacy of children’s ears, it’s even more important with children’s headphones.

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The Dixons Travel Summer Range

Beyond our outstanding range of headphones, we also have cutting-edge cameras and even the latest mobile phones so you can make sure you have everything you need before you fly.

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